Hello from abroad!

Once upon a time …

… the signature beginning of a fairy tale. Four magical words that make little children sit on the edge of their seats and hang on your every word. Four words in which young adults, after they have left the magical phase of thinking far behind them, can still lose themselves in the most exciting stories. And the four words that always remind very big children, also known as adults, of the time when life was still carefree and adventurous, filled with limitless possibilities.


“Look through different eyes and discover worlds far beyond the limits of your imagination.”


The magic of ‘Once upon a time …’

I have been writing stories since 2007. From short adventures for the little ones to thrillers for young adults. I still keep many of these stories hidden from the outside world, but every now and then a story manages to escape and embark on an adventure. Even across the border! The stories range from Romania to Korea, Canada and America. Every story that escaped across the border can be found below. The question remains: Will they live happily ever after?

With adventurous greetings,